Diamantina Pérez Saucedo and José Ramiro Garza Castro are all the proof you need to know that true love exists.

The couple got married on November 3, 1964 in Morelos, Mexico and celebrated their 52nd anniversary with the cutest photoshoot EVER.

Although their shoot originally went viral in November 2016, it's been getting attention again because who doesn't love love?!

Everyone is losing it over how adorable the two are.

We totally get it, too.

Just look at these love birds!

It turns out that one of their granddaughters came up with the idea for the photo session.

She thought her abuelito was gong to be serious, but he was all smiles. That's what love does to people, and it's so beautiful to witness it.

And Yomaira Lizeth — aka Yomi Fotografia — is the photographer who captured the sweet moments between the two.

"We had many surprises with this couple, and we had a lot of fun together with you and your family. Thank you for allowing us to witness your great love of 52 years, and that's not counting the years they were dating as just boyfriend and girlfriend. Congratulations," Yomi wrote on her Facebook page where she shared the pictures.

They have become such a sensation that the internet has dubbed them #LosAbuelitosDelFace.

They even have a joint Facebook account

You think the photos can't get any better and then you see something like this...

Our hearts can't handle it.

This is the purest thing and exactly what the world needs more of.

You can just feel the love radiating through the pics.


Their relationship is so magical.

And now we won't settle for anything less than a love like this.

It's a romance for the ages!

We're so happy that they'll have these beautiful memories with them for the rest of their lives.

And we're so lucky they shared their happiness with us.