Hot guy putting on cologne
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When a good guy comes along, it’s easier to accept his less than inspiring body smell and be grateful he isn’t a total jerk. He totally knows this makes you the best girlfriend in the world, because you love and accept him for who he is.

Unfortunately your man’s theory is missing one big truth: a good-smelling man is absolutely impossible to resist. So if you want to get your guy to start wearing cologne, skip the argument that everyone else is doing it. You gotta think on his level — get practical. Get scientific. Produce evidence. Luckily, I’ve got your four bulletproof arguments below. Check 'em out:

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Smelling Good Is Scientifically Proven to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Studies from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science show that when men perceive themselves to be smelling good, they begin to feel more confident. Try introducing the idea to him the next time he’s in a high pressure situation, like an interview or a big interview at work. Just run up to him by the door, with the cologne in your hand and tell him that it's scientifically proven to give you a boost of confidence. Once he sees it work for him once, he’s more likely to keep trying it.


People Remember You By How You Smell

A few weeks ago, I was standing in a crowd at work and noticed an undeniable smell. When one particular fellow finally broke through, the smell intensified beyond belief. Now he’s forever known in my mind as the dude who is smelly. The smells we leave behind, whether we know it or not, create memories for the people who interact with us. It’s a sense that we use to make assumptions on one’s hygiene, priorities, and sense of self.

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How You Smell Will Trump The Way You Look

It’s kind of like food — how likely are you to eat a pizza that smells like a can of tuna? When it comes to the laws of attraction, studies show that our senses all work the same way. We use our sense of smells to judge the quality of the things we want to be around. So he should feel very encouraged use that one-two knockout combination of our senses to his best advantage.


Cologne Doesn’t Mask the Man He Is, It Heightens It

The thing is, as outlined above, people are judging him by their sense of smell already. That’s the business card he’s left behind for the world to perceive him and he might as well use that science to his advantage. There are many scents out there that could fit his personality to a tee — some are even all natural. He’d be a fool to not get out there and find it, and enjoy the advantages of being a well-scented man.