In Mexico, Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated on May 10, not on the second Sunday in May as in the United States. It’s the day we celebrate and honor the wonderful madres in our lives. They’re the strong and loving who have been at our side since birth, so it’s only natural that we list out all the ways Mexican moms are the best:

1. They Are Experienced Doctors Feeling a sore throat coming on? You know your Mamá has her bottle of Vapor Rub handy to rub on your chest and bottom of your feet. Did you accidentally cut yourself? Your Mamá will come over and say “Sana, sana colita de rana” to heal you. Whatever her “remedy” may be, you somehow end up feeling better. It makes you wonder if she has special healing powers!

2. She Is the Most Honest Person You Know You never worry about your Mexican mom lying, because she will always tell you the truth. If you ever want someone to give their honest opinion on an outfit, relationship, etc. she’s the best person to ask. Just remember, she won’t hold back! “Ay mija, eres muy flaquita/gorda…”

3. She’ll Make Sure You're Never Hungry You may encounter many struggles in your life, but being hungry is never a concern thanks to your Mexican Mamá. She is always cooking your favorite traditional Mexican dishes. Even if you surprise her with a visit home, she’ll always at least have comida de pobre (a.k.a. frijoles and tortillas) ready for you. The best part is she’ll feed you even if you’re not hungry. In fact if you don’t eat, she will be offended and that’s something you’ll never want to do because . . . .

4. She Is Also a Skilled Assassin If looks could kill, Mexican moms have mastered this art. You know this because you’ve been on the receiving end of her wrath. Your Mamá doesn’t even need to say anything other than stare you down when you’re in trouble. If she does speak, she only has to utter three words “vas a ver” to mean business. When words or stares don’t work, her weapon of choice is the chancla. Yet, you secretly admire her because of the power she holds over you and your siblings with little effort.

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5. She Has Excellent Wrapping Skills Mexican moms are the best wrappers . . . of tamales of course! Yes, opening presents during Christmas is fun and exciting but it isn’t a true Mexican Christmas without taking off the cornhusk of her homemade tamales. Luckily, your Mamá has cooked hundreds of them so you’re set for the next month in terms of unwrapping these delicious treats.

6. She Is Saving The World Mexican moms are the queens of recycling, especially when it comes to plastic. Your Mamá has been eco-friendly before it became the cool thing to do so. She’s been saving plastic bags from the grocery stores to use as garbage bags for the bathroom trashcan for as long as you can remember. If she finishes a tub of butter or whipped cream, you know she’ll recycle it as a plastic container for when she makes chilé, frijoles, etc. Mexican moms have been saving the world one plastic container at a time for years.

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7. Her Love Has No Boundaries A mother’s love has no boundaries. There is nothing your Mamá won’t do for you. She will sacrifice it all to provide you with a better life. During your times of struggle, not only has she been at your side but she has also likely lit several velas and prayed the rosary daily in your name. See her love for you is out of this world! And in case you forget that, she’ll kindly remind you that she brought you into the world that she can take you out, too.

Feliz dia de las Madres!!

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