miley cyrus and liam hemsworth
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It's official: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are a couple once again, People reported. 

After posting several Instagram photos of what looked like the exact same engagement ring Hemsworth gave her back in 2012, Cyrus sparked major rumors that the couple had rekindled their romance. More speculation followed as photos of the two and a U-Haul truck outside of Hemsworth's home surfaced earlier this week. Now, People has confirmed that after two years apart, the two are, indeed, back on.

The couple, who first started dating back in 2009, decided to call it quits not too long after announcing their engagement in 2012. Since splitting up, the two have kept busy, with Cyrus releasing her fourth studio album, while Hemsworth continued to film movies for The Hunger Games franchise. But it seems that even the busiest careers couldn't keep these love birds apart. 

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“Miley is where she has wanted to be for the past two years. Back with Liam and very happy," a source told People. "Miley never wanted to split. Things just got so bad that they really needed the break."

While we're not sure if wedding bells will be in Miley and Liam's future, we are totally happy for them. Relationship breaks are no easy feat. In fact, here are nine stages of "taking a break" that are too real. 



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It happens: You break up. Whether it was your idea, his, or a combination of both, it's miserable and you wonder how you'll ever get through it. 



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But somehow you manage. You start feeling good; you're focusing on yourself. With nothing to hold you back, you feel unstoppable. 

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That is, until you hear a rumor about him and some other girl. 



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Now you're pissed. You start to remember all the reasons it went wrong in the first place. 


Getting drawn back in

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You decide to confront him. A girl? That's crazy, he assures you. He's been thinking about you all this time. 



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You start falling for him again but try to keep it cool. You decide that maybe trying to be friends at this point wouldn't be a bad thing. 


A little smitten

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Until you start talking to him every night for hours. All of a sudden you've totally fallen for him again. 


Anger again . . .

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Naturally, this bothers your friends. How could you let this happen?


In love

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After continuing to try to be "friends," neither of you can play it cool anymore. You are back in love. At least for now . . .