Dramatic Kiss
photo: iStock

It’s National Kissing Day and to commemorate such an occasion we thought it best to turn the experts. That’s right: novelas. These actors have been nailing down “the kiss” for years; filled with intrigue, intense long stares, TONS of passion. They make other on-screen kisses seem lame! So enjoy this clip from telenovela Pasión Prohibida along with a few fun tips on how to recreate your own novela-like kiss.

Step 1: Stare passionately into each other’s eyes for at least 10 seconds. Try not blink, it will ruin the intensity.

Step 2: Run towards each other, grab your beau’s face, pull a substantial amount of hair, and lock lips. Remember not to let go of the hair, this is key.

Step 3: Now, have him pick you up in the heat of the moment, even if he’s not carrying you to a bed. Then push him away and stare. Get a little disgruntled if you must and walk away in a dramatic fashion. Slap is totally optional.