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Open Letter
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Dear dude who thought it would be cute to create an app that uses "Netflix and chill" as a dating option,

Do you know how many girls out there actually think you want them to come over to your house, watch a Golden Girls marathon and eat a large pizza while drinking a gallon of wine when you ask them to "Netflix and chill"? A much younger, much cooler colleague of mine had to explain what this phrase actually means in the modern parlance of our times and I have to say, it's kind of sad.

Why pervert the grand tradition of sitting around all day doing nothing but watching hours upon hours of television while shirking all other responsibilities with the implication that it has to lead to sex? Sure, it's a trending term. Yeah, all the cool kids are doing it. But that doesn't mean you have to go ahead and create a dating app that basically solidifies it as a valid option when it comes to asking a girl out.

Another one of my colleagues who is a fan of dating apps pointed out to me, "Well, it's better than just meeting a random guy in a bar." Which I guess is true in some ways, but just seems so supremely lazy in others. At least when you meet a guy IRL you know he has made the effort to probably shower, comb his hair, get dressed, and intermingle with society. If you head over to some dude's house to "Netflix and chill" — and you just met him on an app — there is a strong possibility that he's been sitting on his couch for hours wallowing in his own grossness and is actually kind of shocked anyone agreed to come over.

But what I really want to know dude who invented this app is this: What are your real intentions?

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Is this really the kind of behavior you want to be encouraging? Do you really want dudes to be creating starter packs and buying hilariously oversize condoms?

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you actually wanted "Netflix and chill" to just be a cute way for people using your new app to meet up and hang out. You even told Fusion in all your naïveté, “Everyone is, like, in agreement that it’s really funny and true. There’s really nothing else to do with your significant other — you’re just watching Netflix and, like, chilling.”

Um, NO YOU'RE ACTUALLY NOT. Check Urban Dictionary bro.


A concerned, slightly-less-clueless lady on the Internet.

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