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I turned 30 this year and while I’m not one to stress over my biological clock, it seems as though everyone around me has become very concerned with my single status. Fortunately, my parents have never been the ones to pressure my siblings and I to settle down and pop out babies. They’ve always been much more concerned with seeing us successful, financially stable, and happy. But their friends, my grandparents, and even some of the random older women in my life, seem to think there’s something cray about the fact that I’m 30, not married, and not running around chasing two or three kids. Here are 10 things I’m tired of folks telling me once they discover I’m 30 and single. 

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But you’re so beautiful and fabulous

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Thanks, I appreciate that. But I’m still beautiful and fabulous with or without a man. 

When your tía reminds you that your biological clock is ticking

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Thanks, but I smashed that clock a long time ago. Oh, and thanks for that incredibly awkward moment.


When your grandma tries to fix you up with that older dude at her church

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It’s okay, I’m good, Abuela. Really. 

When every family reunion revolves around you still being single

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So, I’m doing really good at work. Why haven’t you asked about that? 

When your mom’s friend starts bragging about how Fulana is married and pregnant with her first kid

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Oh yeah? That’s nice. 

When your tía asks you if you’ve tried Tinder

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Next subject, please!

When your family tells you you’re single because you’re too picky

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Wait, so having standards is a bad thing? 

When your family tells you you’re too obsessed with your career

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And I'm just so over this conversation. 

When your abuela asks if you’re lonely

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Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I’m cooped up at home with no social life. 

When you start seeing someone and your family asks if “he’s the one?”

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We just started dating, can you chill out?