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The most dreaded question in every young, single woman’s life is probably: Why aren’t you married? It seems like that question comes more often than not from our own familias. We get it from our parents, tias, great-tias, and, of course, our abuelas!

Seriously, what is it with abuelitas and wanting to see us settled? Maybe it’s because back in their day if you were over the age of 25 and, still not married, you were considered a monja.

Regardless of abuela’s reasoning or whether you’re actually seeing someone or not, it’s still an annoying question! Just because we’re not married doesn’t mean we’re not happily single, fabulous women – OK! So the next time abuela or anyone else in your family posits you with, ¿Y cuándo te vas a casar?here’s what to respond to keep abuela at bay – well for now, at least.


Because I’m picky

Chances are they’re already thinking this anyway, so shut them down by telling them EXACTLY what they’re expecting to hear. Yes, you’re picky because the day you walk down the aisle you want it to be with someone you actually like.

Because my career comes first.

You’re going after your dreams and don’t have the time or energy to focus on that AND a snagging a man.

Because marriage doesn’t necessarily mean love.

You’re mature and realistic enough to understand that a wedding and honeymoon is the end all, be all. You want to take your time getting there – y punto.

Because I haven’t met the right guy.

We hear ya, girl. But we can’t promise your folks (or abuela) will though but still give it a try.

Because I like being single.

It’s really not that bad. Mejor sola que mal acompañada.

Because the next thing I know you’ll be asking me when I’m having kids.

Watch them not say anything after this one – just watch!

To abuelas everywhere, no hard feelings. We know you only ask out of cariño.