Do you have the hots for a coworker that you make any excuse to get up and talk to? Maybe you aren’t really ready to come out and say how you’re feeling, thus starting an Office-esque, Jim and Pam unrequited romance that lasts way longer than you ever expected. Or maybe you’re already together with your boo and he’s been working hard like a maniac and for some reason, he forgot that you are the happiest place on earth and he never ever ever has to wait in line to ride.

Luckily, seducing a man into your loving arms is a lot easier than it seems. It doesn’t have to involve sexy lingerie or red lipstick. In fact, the most successful ways to get a man to notice you are so subtle, he won't even know what's going on until it's way too late. Here’s a few tried and true tips from below. Enjoy!

Just Be Yourself — Always

If you love to sing in the shower, belt it out in his bathroom. If you find yourself really wanting to stay home and post a YouTube video, instead of watching him play basketball, then stay home and do it! Confidence is sexy, and men do love the chase. When a good man sees a woman consistently living a life authentic to herself, there’s really no better aphrodisiac.

Be On Point

Take advantage of the primal energy that is a man, and recognize that anytime you look like something someone else will want, he’s going to have a reaction. When you look you that girl everyone wants to mess with, you’re going to make him proud to be by your side because out of everyone else in the world, you chose him. And there’s nothing sexier than that.

Be Hygienic

One man recently told me he likes to open the door of the shower when his wife is in there just because he loves the scent of her shampoo. Moisturize and exfoliate so that your skin is impossible to stop touching. Floss and use mouthwash to make your kiss his favorite taste in the world. It’s the little things I swear, and no matter how low your bank account it — this one is achievable every single day.

Pop A Smile

This is kind of a no brainer, but it's way more effective that holding eye contact, or being the most gorgeous girl at the bar. When you smile, you look happy. When you look happy, you look like you’re easy to be around. And according to research, that is exactly the kind of attitude that most men find attractive.

Got more tips for chicas to use to get a man under her spell? Share them below, so the rest of your Vivala squad can snag the men of their dreams too!

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