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A little birdie messaged me on my Facebook one day asking if I heard of the site, a little nook on the Interweb dedicated to exploring the orgasmic pleasure of a woman. I hadn’t, so naturally I clicked on it. And then quickly closed the window because I was at work, and so checked it out on my phone instead. 

Holy crap. Videos that describe techniques of masturbating . . .  personal stories of techniques to try from real women . . . an interactive digital vagina you could play with and learn about how to have an orgasm . . . where the hell has this app been all my life?! 

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Created by best friend duo Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, OMGYes is designed to help women understand their orgasms. Daniller, a lesbian, and Perkins, a straight man, initially bonded in college over conversations about how the subject of female pleasure was strangely still taboo. They even dug for research on the subject and were saddened that they turned up empty-handed. 

However, together with researchers and interviews with real women between the ages of 18 and 95, a remedy to their curiosity was born. The first site of its kind, it combines research from over 2,000 participants to better understand what scientists have yet to uncover: the various ways of touching that feels good for different women. Here's what I learned from the experience.

1. Goodbye Vagina Shaming

If you happen to be a lady who does not love the look of your V, then this app will help you break down the hating. There are old vaginas, young vaginas, big, and tucked in, brown, pink, wet, dry — as many as there are under the rainbow. And the best part is they are all very beautiful. Literally. Every video and interactive component of the site is filmed with such care and cinematic finesse, that it’s almost impossible to look their vagina’s in the face and say, “Girl, you ugly.” 

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2. You Feel Inspired to Come

There are so ways to get off! With a lot of the techniques localized around stimulating the clitoris, there are techniques to choose from and practice right away; edging, layering, and multiples — things you probably already do, but maybe don’t have a name for it, or understand the diligent talent it takes to make them work. For women who have struggled to find a way to consistently find their O, these educational breakdowns explain how and why each technique works, helping a woman to guide the fingers into a fit of pure pleasure.

3. The Content Is Beautiful

Where OMGYes really stands out is how considerate it was with the video content. With over 50 testimonials and teaching guides, each piece of content is educational and not so much like naked women getting themselves off. It’s nothing like porn. That's not to say you should shy away from the topic. Even the shyest woman can find the educational merit of the content on the site. It's the cinematic celebration the of the vagina that she has long since deserved. 

4. It Let’s You Play With a Real Vagina

If the straight girl in you is intimidated by the idea of touching another woman’s vagina onscreen, the sympathetic girlfriend in you is going to get over that notion pretty quickly. When you get to do the individual techniques, there is a matching vagina at the bottom of the page, that you can play with and move (and even split the lips apart.) And as you play with it, the woman actually gives you feedback — she follows your finger and coaches you how to perfect your technique. And they are some demanding coaches — and any hint of this feeling pornographic flies right out the window as your finger starts to cramp and brow breaks into a sweat just to get the ladies orgasmic stamp of approval. (Once you perfect the technique, the screen turns white. No screaming or finishing finale. Strictly educational here!) So prepare to be dexterous. 

5. You Should Know How to Pleasure Yourself

Even if you’re a toy kinda girl and manual isn’t your style, this is the site that will help you understand how to guide your lover to your pleasure. Even as a woman who isn’t particularly into clit play (I’m very sensitive to UTIs), I did sort of gain more confidence with exploring my pleasure — particularly understanding that I’m not alone in how long it takes to reach my highest pleasure point. Watching all the videos created a great sense of community in the pursuit for my best O. If you’ve ever wondered if you orgasm weird or if it’s too difficult for you, this site could help you feel a little less alone.

The site has a one-time fee of $29 for now, and so far, they are only on season one. Which makes me hopeful that season two could have a bit more penetration involved, but the details haven’t come out yet (a girl can dream). That was my only disappointment with the near $30 price tag. Overall it was great, and I will damn sure whomever I’m dating will grab my log-in on this, because the site is not only great for your own understanding — it’s great for your SO’s too! If you’re looking for a way to up your O game, this is the site that could do the trick.

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