Let’s be real. We’ve all been tempted to check up on our significant others at one point or another. Whether you’ve simply fought the urge to crack their phone’s 4-digit password or actually found yourself in your boo’s email inbox — accidentally, of course — the temptation to spy is real in relationships. Now there’s an app that can help take your “personal investigation” to another level by allowing you to check if your S.O. is sneaking around on Tinder.

Swipe Buster, a service that was released just last week, allows you to input someone’s information (ie., your boyfriend, girlfriend, ex, boss or BFF), to find out if they’re using Tinder.

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According to an article published on Mashable, the service allows users to search through Tinder profiles by name or location, without ever having to sign on to the app, yourself. But the information will cost you $4.99.

Invasive? Hmm, maybe just a little. But Swipe Buster says it’s not illegal. In fact, according to the article, the service claims it wasn’t created as a way to expose cheaters.

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In an interview with Mashable, Swipe Buster’s creator, who simply goes by Carlos, said, “This is not a Tinder-specific issue. People have way too much information about themselves available publicly. People should be aware of the privacy settings on all the services they use. Hopefully this conversation will remind a significant amount of people of that."

Would you use Swipe Buster to check up on your S.O?

  • 0% Um, yes! You can never be too sure.
  • 0% No. I trust my boo.