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From left: Corey, Garrison, Yoel, and Nick.

Grab the pinot! Get your phone!! 'Cause People just dropped The 50 Sexiest Men of Tinder list to coincide with its The Sexiest Man Alive Award. (By the way, congrats David Beckham. You have always been the kind of good-looking man that’ll make me drool right in front of my own mother.)

Being the Internet nerd I am, I immediately googled the crap out of my favorite 10 of the People Tinder list — and the more I found out about them, the more adorable they are. Though I do have to say, sadly, I was really hoping for a little more diversity on this list — y'all know I like my penis passport to have stamps from ALL NATIONS! So hopefully they’ll nail it next time. Check out my favorite cuties below!