Latina texting.
photo: Corbis

Long gone are the days when guys called and left love letters in your mailbox or would actually call you on the phone. It feels like ancient times, we know. These days if a man wants to get in touch with you, he texts. That seems to have become the main means of communication and it’s taken a toll on relationships. But, what if we told you texting doesn’t HAVE to ruin dating? That’s right, girl. There are ways to use texting to your advantage.

Here are 6 ways texting doesn’t have to ruin dating:


Use it as your regular check-in

Do you and your beau both have hectic schedules? Texting can be a convenient way to check in. There isn’t always time for a phone call, but there’s almost ALWAYS time to shoot over a text just to see how the other one is doing or even text a sweet nothing.


Text if you’re in a long-distance relationship

If you want to make a long distance relationship work, regularly touching base is a must! Phone calls and video chats are cute, but for the days when there’s absolutely no time – there’s always texting! This is especially useful for couples in different time zones.


Be vocal

If texting is not your thing, well then, you have to let your significant other know. Because if you don’t, how can you expect him to know it even bothers you? He might not be a phone person and you might not be into texting but that needs to be communicated if you want to create a level playing field.


Make it work for you

Use it to make communication between you two easier. For instance, you can text to plan when you guys can actually talk on the phone. Or maybe use it to send each other cute messages or emoji’s throughout the day.



We can’t think of one guy that wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a sext. And, no we’re not talking naked selfies but sexy messages. The kind that would have him thinking about you (and what he wants to do with you) until you guys FINALLY meet up.


Set non-texting times

If you two text each other a lot during the week, try not to be on your smartphone when you’re actually spending time together. Like no phone during dinner or movie dates. Again, an agreement you both made beforehand.

Happy Texting!