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If you want to grab someone’s attention try tapping into their five senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. After all, this is what we use as humans gather information and make decisions all day long. We’d be a fool not to utilize them to our fullest advantage. 

But I’m not talking about dousing yourself in edible panties and buying a whole new wardrobe. With a little confidence and care, you can use everything on your person right now, to make an irresistible impression on someone. Here’s what I mean:

1. Sound irresistible. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who clearly had no clue what they were talking about? And they were just faking everything they said just to sound cool to you? Well, the same sense kicks in when you're talking to a love interest and you aren't being yourself. The bullshit register is strong in us, and when we aren’t being our most authentic selves, people can tell — and they don't really know how to trust you. 

If you want to really seduce a lover, always start by just being yourself, whether that's goofy, inquisitive or downright sarcastic. Authenticity is sexy as hell and comes through loud and clear when you talk. So does generosity, wit, comfort, and love. So before you try to beat your guy to the punch with a cool jab at his favorite sports team, consider complimenting his hair or his shirt instead. Be love. Be yourself.

2. Look impeccable. Kick up your seduction game up a notch by looking on point. I don't care if your style is chic, boho, goodwill thrifty, or tomboy fab — girl, you gotta look impeccable. When you go to the grocery story, you pick the fruit that looks the best, right? The look of it tells your brain, "Hey, this fruit might taste delicious." Same goes for your appearance. When you align yourself outwardly with the messaging you have about yourself on the inside, people get a piece of information that says, "That girl likes herself. Maybe I should like her, too."

So wear pants that fit, and if the sleeves in your jacket are too long, take them to a tailor. Wash that hair, snag some nail polish, and take a razor to the back of your thighs. No matter what size, what mood, what day of the week it is — you’re a desirable specimen that anyone would be lucky to have. Advertise that message outwardly, and watch your S.O. fall in line.

3. All hands on you. Touch helps create memories. Give your current relationship a boost by paying closer attention to the textures you bring into the bedroom. Soft knits and satin sleepwear will feel unbelievable rubbing against your lover's skin while soft, freshly exfoliated and moisturized skin will create mouthwatering sensations. 

Even a more hands-on approach can be a simple way to show that you want your S.O. Touching an arm while talking or whisking a stray hair away from his or her face is both subtle and goosebump-inducing. Consider touching your own body while you touch your lover, either gently caressing your own arm, biting your lips, or tucking a hair behind your ear. The brain notices all of it, and quite often, will make the other person reach out and touch you, too.

4. Taste great. Here’s where a Kardashian television episode probably gave the food industry a boost. While there isn’t much scientific evidence that supports the idea that pineapple makes you taste better, there is some research that suggests what you eat can affect your body odor and how you taste. So eat well, and keep your probiotic game strong by adding fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and pickles to your diet.

5. Smell like a goddess. This is probably the most important sense you can engage of the bunch, right after your visual appearance. Find a signature scent and wear it.Throw the roll-on version of the perfume and keep it in your bag at all times. 

For all my body freshness needs, I keep Dove’s Original Clean Deodorant and Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo in my bag at all times. This is the game of seduction we’re talking about. Keep it clean, keep it fresh, and watch the attention pour in.

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