6 Latinas get real about why men almost always come back

Breonna Rodriguez, 34

photo: Breonna Rodriguez

Ethnicity: Black and Puerto Rican

Occupation: Writer/Designer/Vivala #LoveandTequila Columnist 

“My track record for exes coming back into my life is pretty consistent. We either become the best of friends, temporary lovers, or try dating one more time. It’s almost inevitable — I’m just simply not a bad person to know. I am incredibly good to the men I date, and I believe in their dreams and abilities infinitely. I don’t sleep around. I’m not crazy, my life is together — and then there’s the sex. Even if a guy thinks he can do better or that he is better than our relationship, after a few months of dating the world, he always comes back. But it doesn’t mean anything, really. When an ex comes back, all it really means is that I treat people well, and I should be proud of that, and that alone. And eventually there won’t be any more exes to return — because I’ll have found the one who’s not dumb enough to throw it all away in the first place.”

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