Sure, we've seen people contour their faces, waist, neck, and boobs, and even heard the myth of Kylie Jenner contouring her ears, but we've never actually witnessed all of it happening at once . . . until now.

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There's a super speedy video on Instagram featuring a makeup artist contouring a model's entire body (well, at least everything down to her waist) at once, and it's absolutely hypnotic. Seriously, so much blending.

While the actual act of contouring one's body IRL isn't exactly realistic, it's still fascinating to watch the way in which a pro would handle it. We also have to figure that tan-touring would be a better semi-permanent way of crafting six-pack abs. At least with sunless tanning lotion or a spray tan you could make it last for a couple of days, no?

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Without anything further, behold the power of body contouring.

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