This is Jade Chriss, a Brazilian beauty blogger. Recently, Chriss posted a selfie of herself on Instagram wearing the most gorgeous orchid-colored lipstick (see above). 

Then a few days later, she shared her secret: Turns out, that beautiful color doesn't belong to a specific lipstick that Chriss bought but instead was the result of a simple yet completely genius lipstick hack that is super easy to re-create at home using lip colors you already own.

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Basically, Chriss mixed some MAC Matte Royal and Relentlessly Red on each half of her lips and then simply used her finger to blend them in, creating that vibrant orchid you see in her selfie above. Genius, right?

Watch the video below to see exactly how she did it. (Warning: It's completely mesmerizing, and you'll probably get sucked into watching it over and over and over again.)

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