If you've ever struggled to perfectly define your Cupid's bow, have we got news for you: Italian beauty brand Kiko Milano just released a special lip brush made JUST for your Cupid's bow — and it's incredible. 

Seriously. Watch this video, and tell me this isn't a GENIUS idea.

The Unlimited Double-Ended Lip Brush ($19, Kiko Cosmetics) is a limited edition product — so if you want it, you gotta hurry. The v-shaped tip — which is what makes it so special — means that you can expertly apply your lip color to the Cupid's bow, with no issues at all. The rounded side is perfect filling in the rest of your lips.

Unfortunately, all Cupid's bows are not identical — so it may not be a hit for everyone. But we do see this being helpful for the lucky few who will find this to be the perfect fit (or those looking to shape their lips from scratch). You just may get a lip line that's so crisp haters will say it was Photoshopped.