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The most bittersweet moment when you're applying the final touches to your makeup? Realizing that you'll have to take it off at the end of the day. What's even more heartbreaking is coming to this exact same realization when your face looks like it was painted by the gods — or Kim Kardashian West's glam squad (same difference, really).

Beauty is one big, emotional rollercoaster and we've all been on the ride — here are the stages we *all* go through once we start taking off our totally perfect makeup.


Straight up denial — who cleans off a masterpiece anyways?!

You even contemplate sleeping in it, but you know better.


Crippling anxiety that not enough people saw your makeup today.

Why did the day have to go by so fast? You didn't even run into anyone that you know!


Determination to get rid of every last bit of product off your face.

Once you've come to terms with the process, there's a sense of competition between you and your your flawless look.

Of course you want to win.


Becoming weirdly annoyed with how well the makeup lasted.

Sure, you might have put on primers, a long-lasting foundation and powder, and kept it all in place with a setting spray but wow...is it bionic? It's almost as if nothing wants to budge.

Hey, at least it works.


Excitement to be fresh-faced.

As you start to see everything dissolve you remember how good it feels to let your skin breathe and not worry about staining everything you put your face against. 


Confusion — can I love makeup and bare skin equally?! AHHHH!

But it still doesn't mean that your love for makeup has fizzled. 


Sweet, oh sweet bliss.

The circle of life: doing this all over again tomorrow.