Congratulations, you've somehow made it through one of the most bizarre years yet!

As the end of the year creeps up out of the blue — per usual — you have to take a moment to reflect on you. Did you accomplish any of your resolutions? What energy do you want to bring into the New Year? Are you bored of your aesthetic?

Okay, the last question may seem out of sync compared to the former two, but it's a valid thought to have. Looks may not be everything, but they do play into how you feel about yourself. Since it's the end of the year, what better time to bite the bullet and get a makeover than right now?  

But if you're still on the fence about making any changes, we've got nine reasons that'll inspire you to live your best life and do you, boo (and get that makeover!).


You never treat yourself to anything.

Whether it's a fear of feeling selfish or trying to divert attention away from yourself, you might feel bad about getting a makeover. But you matter just as much as anyone else, and can get a different haircut and new clothes and buy new makeup without feeling guilty or materialistic.

It's time to take the focus from other people to you.


You want to get out of your comfort zone.

It might be scary, but if you never take the leap, how will you know what you like? Get those bangs, girl; they might just be your best look yet!


You work too hard not to spoil yourself.

You spend all your hard-earned cash on others, so this is your reminder that you are worthy of spending some coin on yourself too!


You want to be able to say, "new year, new me," and mean it.

It might sound like a cliché, but ringing in the New Year as a revamped version of yourself might be the way you want to start a new chapter.


You're 100% over your current look.

Purge that closet and your makeup drawers and make space for some new gems that'll make you look and feel refreshed.

It's like pressing the play button after you've had it on pause for far too long.


You want to look good for yourself.

You look good now, but want to look great. And no, not for other people to gawk at you, but for yourself because self-love is pretty magical and necessary.


You're tired of following society's rules and expectations.

Eff those beauty standards and be the bright, shining, magical unicorn that you are. Dye that hair, get those pointy nails, sit and enjoy lash extensions. The world is your oyster and no one can tell you how to live in it.


You deserve it.

Really, you do.


You need no reason at all — and that's okay.

Like Nike's famous slogan says, "just do it."