Sound the alarms: Frida Kahlo makeup exists — and we've located the hidden treasure chest.

Writer Daisy Alioto found the beauty line inspired by the iconic Mexican painter in the most unexpected place: CVS.

"The discovery of Frida Kahlo in the bins at the front of CVS seemed like an accident. How did nail polish and lipsticks intricately illustrated with the artist’s portrait and motifs come to mingle with mini tweezers and travel-sized Purell?" Alioto wrote in an essay for Racked

Truth be told, we're just as shocked as she was. 

A lot of talented people have been honored with posthumous makeup collections with well-known beauty brands — think MAC x Selena or Urban Decay x Basquiat. That's the expectation we've set for these launches. So, to have Kahlo beauty products go under the radar at a drugstore is surprising.

Mexico-based makeup line Republic Nail created the Kahlo collection.

Republic Nail, like their name suggests, is a company primarily focused on nail products. But with the Kahlo exclusive, they have expanded to include other beauty items.

It's not just a beauty line for the hell of it either. Republic Nail created the Kahlo collection in affiliation with the Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts — a non-profit organization that highlights Kahlo's work and legacy.

The stunning collection includes 12 lipsticks — each comes with different packaging that includes Kahlo's face, paintings, or imagery of her work style and colors.

From the classic red to a warm brown, there's something for everyone. 

Although you can view the collection in its entirety on Republic Nail's website, only some of the items are available for purchase in select CVS stores only.

Unlike other makeup brands, Alioto notes that the lipsticks don't have packaging that differentiates the shades.

However, some people who have found the Kahlo lipsticks have mentioned that they come with names like "Pasión" and "Viva."

Neither Republic Nail or CVS has the names labeled on their websites.

CVS only lists three of the lipsticks on their site at $7.99 each.

But people have found more in the store, leading us to believe that it's possible to find the whole set. 

Alioto reports that the line is currently stocked in 4,000 of CVS’s 9,000-plus US stores in their "Beauty on the Go" section — not the typical makeup aisle. "I'm fighting to have a better display," Republic Nail USA COO Rocio Jimenez told Racked.

Of course the collection also includes 12 nail polishes, which are also listed for $7.99 each.

Unfortunately you cannot purchase these, or the lipsticks, on the CVS or Nail Republic websites. That's right, you have to go on a good old fashioned beauty hunt for them in store.

Thankfully, not only are these products gorgeous but they actually are of great quality too.

Customers who purchased the products gave the Kahlo collection glowing reviews in the CVS website comments section.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the collection is more than the lipsticks and nail varnishes CVS stocks. This range is just TOO GOOD.


How cute are these nail files and clippers?!

CVS, if you're listening, please add the rest of the line. Please. We're practically begging you.

So run, don't walk, to get your hands on this elusive collection.

May the odds be ever in your favor.