If you're attending a Halloween party this year, you don't have to wait until the sun sets to begin your transformation. Choosing a historical or pop culture icon with signature look you the flexibility to start your makeover as soon as the day begins. That's right, we're not about waiting until the sun goes down to get into character.

As a powerful Latina, Frida Kahlo is a natural choice for us. Inspired by celebrity makeup artist Sir John's modern interpretation he created for Beyoncé, we gave model Nikita Washington a bold day-to-night look. 

We began her daytime look with subtle washes of color on the eye, a deep red lip, and started the foundation for what would become a statement cheek. For the evening, we turned the drama up a few notches by layering on a vampy berry lip color, exaggerating the brows, and loading up on blush. The finishing touch was a few flowers in her hair and the end result was the a gorgeous work of art. Check out how you can transform into the ultimate Latina at your next costume party.

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