photo: Gaby Espino

With over 13 million followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Gaby Espino is shutting it down on social media. The 38-year-old Venezuelan telenovela star (Santa Diabla, Ojo Por Ojo, Más Sabe el Diablo) and TV host's (2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards) influence stems from being in the entertainment game for two decades and using those platforms to connect with her fans in a real way. She's sat in countless makeup chairs and been made up by the best of the best, giving her an edge on the beauty-wisdom front. And now she's taken that insider knowledge and shared it with the world on her recently launched lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, where she also exchanges tips with her supporters. Her new ventures don’t stop there, though! We caught up with Espino during a visit to New York and talked all things beauty — including her line of Gaby Espino Lipsticks launching this month.

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Espino shared that her fans, which she is extremely close with on social media, have been gravitating toward the beauty-related content on her new site and YouTube channel. And because it's virtually impossible for her to leave the house without wearing lipstick, starting out with a lip-forward line made perfect sense. Sticking with some of the hottest trends out there, she chose to go with a long-wearing liquid lipstick in a matte finish that feels surprisingly hydrating and comfortable on the lips. The seven shades she's launching with range from classic nudes, reds, and burgundies to fun pops of color like her signature pink Muak. But she's also included trendy colors, like purple, for her fans that are “mas atrevidas.” Espino wants to continue to grow the line with special editions.

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We asked Espino — who confessed that she would have still been interested in beauty even if she had not pursued entertainment — to share her best-kept secrets and tips:

  1. First thing's first: Never go to sleep with your makeup on.

  2. Her beauty routine consists of cleansing the skin, exfoliating twice a week, applying an anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and eye cream, while also paying special attention to an area we often forget — the neck — with cream.

  3. Drag some of your foundation onto your neck so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

  4. Even though she loves a flushed pink hue, she recommends going lighter on the blush since bronzers are trending now. 

  5. If you are going to wear a smoky eye, go for a subdued lip and vice versa. Find a balance.

Wondering what you can expect from her brand? Well, you may be in head-to-toe Espino before you know it:

“No quiero encasillarme solamente como en la parte de beauty o de maquillaje. Podemos ver hoy me estoy desarrollando en maquillaje (y sigo desarrollándome en maquillaje) pero también puede ser que saque una línea de zapatos.”