Kathleenlights and Justin Baldoni
photo: Instagram/kathleenlights

Beauty YouTuber Kathleen Fuentes (aka KathleenLights) just lived every "Jane the Virgin" fan's dream!

It all started with a chance encounter on the street in August with actor/humanitarian/hottie Justin Baldoni, who plays Rafael on "Jane the Virgin." Fuentes' hubby arranged this photo op, and the rest was history!

Baldoni had no idea that Fuentes has millions of followers who knew how much she loves the show. After Fuentes shared the pic on social media, her fans descended on his mentions to the point where Baldoni had no choice but to arrange for Fuentes to visit the "Jane the Virgin" set. The pair reunited and filmed the CUTEST YouTube challenge video that will make you smile from ear to ear.

After Fuentes "checked into" Rafael's Marbella hotel and had some initial banter about how natural Baldoni's makeup was...

...it was time to put their game faces on and ask each other questions based on the subjects they know best.

Baldoni would be quizzing Fuentes on "Jane the Virgin" facts and Fuentes would be grilling Baldoni on makeup, of course!

Fuentes kicked things off by asking Baldoni what the difference is between bronzer and contour. "Is that a real question?" he asked.

While he did nail the use of bronzer powder, sitting in a makeup chair for years did not prepare him for a contouring question. Saying that it was a product you use “to outline something” was a hilarious fail.

Then Baldoni pulled out some tough, season-one trivia he had up his sleeve and stumped Fuentes when he asked her for the name of Rogelio’s telenovela.

Fuentes came up with “The Passions of Santos” after getting assistance. However, there’s no phoning a friend in this game and her answer did not count. They ended up tied in the first round, 0-0.

However, the duo turned things around with easy questions.

If there’s one thing Baldoni does know, it’s where the crease of the eye is. Fuentes struggled with figuring out how Rafael’s BFF died at first, but she finally remembered that he was shot. She got the point and with that they ended up tied again, 1-1.

But after a successful second round, there was no sign of the tides changing.

Even though applying a creamy product like concealer before putting on powder sounds like a given, Baldoni didn't get it right. However, Fuentes was equally clueless about what Rafael said to Jane before their first kiss, so they remained tied, 1-1.

In round four, Fuentes' fake makeup brand guessing game and Baldoni's Jane-specific trivia weren't enough to move the needle.

photo: Giphy

Baldoni was unable to pick out the fake in the Too Faced, Sarah Beauty (ding! ding! ding!), Stila, Becca, and Make Up For Ever lineup. 

And Fuentes had no idea that the name of the Catholic school where Jane taught was “Our Lady of Sorrows.” It turned out that Baldoni didn’t know either, but that's neither here nor there.

To break the tie, Fuentes asked Baldoni to name the two skin undertones a person can have besides neutral.

Even though she gave him hints, Baldoni could not come up with an answer and the game ended in a draw.

Finally, the duo signed off after an awkward goodbye.

They were so adorable that we were not ready to see them go. It left us wondering if a KathleenLights "Jane the Virgin" cameo could be in the cards? Fuentes claimed she was nervous, but she came off smooth, even when the competition got heated. She's clearly a natural. We hope the show's gods and her fans make it come true.

Watch the whole thing go down below.