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photo: Kailijumei

Hello, I have found your latest online beauty obsession: flower-infused, gold-flecked jelly lipsticks. What the what? You read that right. I repeat: flower-infused, gold-flecked jelly lipsticks. And they change color, depending on your body temperature. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. 

The lipsticks come courtesy of Chinese beauty brand Kailijumei and contain flecks of gold, along with a tiny dried flower in the middle. Of course, they're already sold out (womp womp) and Kailijumei notes on its Instagram account that you can't purchase these anywhere else. It's also worth noting that the brand has been warning people to be aware of potential counterfeits, so...there's that. (Maybe we'll skip pre-ordering these ones.) That doesn't mean you can't enjoy looking at them though — they are really pretty — so click through the slideshow to continue examining these weirdly mesmerizing lipsticks. 

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