Any beauty lover (and especially Kat Von D fans) will immediately recognize this lipstick. 

It's the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita ($20, Kat Von D Beauty), Kat's best-selling lipstick of all time and one of Sephora's most-purchased items. 

The shade has already been made into a Studded Kiss Lipstick and an Everlasting Lip Liner, but it's about to take on another form entirely.

Lolita has been made into a versatile blush that doubles as an eye shadow. Oh, and it'll be available NEXT MONTH.


It'll definitely be at Sephora, but there's some bad news: it's going to be limited edition.

The exact release date and price haven't been revealed, but the picture alone is telling.

Lolita's new packaging bears a striking resemblance to that of her Metal Crush eye shadows, which sell for $21. Since the blush can be used as an eye shadow, it may be priced similarly.  

We'll forgive you for keeping it a secret from us, Kat.

But when the time comes, we're snatching Lolita's new cousin right the hell up.

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