Tattoo artist, musician, and beauty queen Kat Von D killed it with her new limited edition Serpentina eye shadow palette. It's seriously stunning.

Swatches of the eight eye shadows and loose pigments in ridiculously gorgeous jewel tones look good enough to eat.

The palette was inspired by the "jewels and gilded accents of ancient Egypt."

Look at this video proof of the delicious butteriness of these eye shadows. Get on our eyes now, please!

It's no wonder that color fanatics lost their minds anticipating the July 5th release date.

The first launch was a midnight release on Kat Von D Beauty's website, but beauty vigilantes wiped them out before sunrise.

Seasoned makeup junkies knew this was the sign of a major battle to come on Sephora's site. 

At 2:20 pm, Kat Von D's beauty team announced that the palette was available on Sephora, and all hell broke loose.

Sephora wasn't ready for the rush, which resulted in a glitch.

Feverish makeup junkies were to blame.

Just when the Kat Von D beauty team thought all was well...

Serpentina fiends crashed Sephora's site again.

Within two hours of the launch, the palette was sold out.

Fans that couldn't get past the glitches in time were devastated.

But Sephora is giving them another chance to score the coveted palette.

It will drop in stores on July 22nd.

UPDATE: Good news, everyone! You can now buy Serpentina on the Kat Von D Beauty website!

Hurry up, though — odds are it will sell out in record time.