Kylie Cosmetics song
photo: YouTube

If you don't know about Nathan Anthony Ontiveros a.k.a. Nategawd, you better ask somebody. The Texas-based YouTube personality has been putting out hit after hilarious hit that speaks directly to our contoured soul. He is seriously the Lin-Manuel Miranda of makeup.

Don't believe us? Check out his latest masterpiece — "KYLIE CO$METICS."

Move over 21 Savage, Nategawd's 21 Palettes alter ego is here with a makeup brush forehead tattoo that's so hard it will make your head spin...

And if you think that anyone is blowing their cash on bottles over here, think again...

"I spent a check on Kylie Cosmetics" is anyone in Nategawd's "Glam Gang" way of life.

Skrt, skrt!

But the head member of the "Glam Gang" still has to rush to get his fix because everyone knows these lipsticks "sell out quick."

And even though Kylie Jenner's liquid mattes (including the Koko Kollection) are responsible for draining his bank accounts on this track, Kyliner still gets love for keeping his "wings sharp as shit."

They could cut you!

He had to take a shot at the haters who wish they had the Kyshadow burgundy palette.

"My Kyshadow palette got these haters mad (burgundy palette). That's nine different shades they wish they had," he rapped.

We also got a reprise of the rallying cry we never knew we needed — "I cut these hoes off like a cut crease."

He says it in every makeup track so you know it's real haha.

Every line is #flawless and worthy of a spot on your getting ready playlist.

It's lit!

Get your entire life below.