When we first heard that 2016 would be Kylie Jenner's year of "realizing stuff," we had no idea that it would also include a summer of surprises.

Jenner pulled a Beyoncé and announced that she would be dropping her first eye product, aptly named the Kyshadow palette, on Monday.

The bronze eye shadow palette is full of warm, shimmery, and matte neutrals.

Colors from left to right:

Top row: Jasper, Quartz, Topaz
Middle row: Goldstone, Citrine, Tiger's Eye
Bottom row: Bronzite, Hematite, Obsidian

Jenner has been wearing the shadows for a hot minute (read: months), and she used them to do a makeup tutorial — all by herself, nary a makeup artist in sight — on her Snapchat.

This isn't her first solo tutorial, though. Fans will remember a previous tutorial that didn't go so well in the blending department.

We now know that Kylie was secretly using her Kyshadow palette for that tutorial as well. 

Kylie started her second attempt at a first impression by prepping her canvas with the Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector (her current favorite foundation).

Other base products used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème, and Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

She managed to use almost every Kyshadow color to do her eyes (#BusinessWoman). Kris Jenner taught her well.

She started by highlighting her brow bone with a shimmering ivory called Jasper.

For her lid base and crease, she used topaz, a matte, taupe-y brown.

Next she went in with Tiger's Eye (a matte bronze) and Citrine (a matte orange) to define the crease, and used Hematite for extra depth.

Hematite didn't have much of an effect from what we could see in the Snap.

A deeper matte called Bronzite finally added some visible definition to her lash line.

The sparkling Champagne combo of Quartz and Goldstone is undeniably gorgeous.

A touch of Quartz added extra "eyelight" to the inner corners and brow bone.

Finally, the eyes were completed with a mix of Citrine, Tiger's Eye, and Hematite on the lower lash line.

We've got to give it to her, she really stepped her game up!

It's a great everyday look, but critics would argue that you could use fewer shades and steps to get the same result. 

In case you were wondering, she left out her black shadow, Obsidian, because she uses that as a liner for evening looks.

Don't sleep on her!

Jenner was feeling herself so much that she said, "I should be a makeup artist, fuck."

What do you think?