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Let's face it: Makeup can be overwhelming — in the best way possible. With a plethora of brands offering different colors, textures, pigmentation, and ingredients, it can be an endless trial-and-error experiment to see what works for you. With the (rightful) increasing demand for a wider range of shades to fit every skin tone, the beauty world is booming with hundreds upon thousands of products at your disposal. So what works for you? How can you figure out what is the right color that'll make your heart burst with joy? There's no easy answer, but we've noticed that makeup swatches tend to be the solution.

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Because most brands shoot product images as is, it's often incredibly difficult to decipher what they'll actually look like on skin, let alone your complexion. However, shoppers have done their part by swatching their favorite products on their bodies and sharing them across social media to give us a glimpse as to what they look like IRL. One Reddit user, itselyse, swatched 97 of the lipsticks she owns to share with the world how the hues really show up on real humans.

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We understand that swatches aren't going to show us every single color on every single body, but it's a step in the right direction. This is why beauty bloggers get such praise within the beauty junkie community — they're real people, with different skin tones (and types), and they're giving their followers a preview of products before they buy it. Thankfully, some brands are finally starting to take notes and are following suit. Since swatching is becoming more popular across Instagram, we thought we'd round up 10 of our favorites. Some of them show different skin tones, others give comparison shots of colors that look extremely similar — yes, we really need to know if we need the slightly warmer red or cooler red lipstick, even if they look the same. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up finding your dream product, so dive right in after the jump.