#MACSelena collection
photo: MAC Cosmetics

I had been waiting for this moment for two years — ever since I caught wind of the online petition urging MAC Cosmetics to create a Selena Quintanilla makeup collection.

Finally the collection was really happening, and I had to have every piece of the line that paid stunning homage to the one person who gave me so much confidence in the beauty department when I was growing up.

I never feared wearing red lipstick on my full lips thanks to Quintanilla.

Believe me, I knew shopping the collection online was going to be a shit show.

I've been down this road MANY times before whenever MAC has released a fire limited-edition collection. Add a passionate fanbase like Quintanilla's into the mix, and you have the perfect storm. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave work to camp out and shop the line in person on October 6. I had no choice but to strap in and ride the emotional online shopping roller coaster.

Even though I was fortunate enough to receive three samples ahead of the release, having all hands on deck was going to be necessary for me to succeed in my mission of catching them all.

But when the big day arrived for the general online release on October 1, I never anticipated an experience like this.

To prep for the big day, I made sure my notifications were on and poppin' for every Instagram account that stalks makeup releases for my best chance of getting to the front of the line.

From my preliminary investigation, I knew that the collection was dropping in the morning, EST, according to MAC — but no specific time was given in order to avoid crashing the site.

This was going to be tricky since I had a party to go to the night before and I was already beat from a long work week, but as the saying goes: "Anything for Selenas."

I didn't get home until 3:00 a.m., because of course, so I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m., gave my phone to my insomniac sister so she could watch for any surprise notifications, and conked out.

Shockingly I woke up on time and let out a huge sigh of relief when I confirmed that I didn't miss the drop.

Next, it was time to pull out all of the stops: I'm talking a cell phone, two laptops, and a desktop with multiple browsers open to the MAC homepage for me to refresh like a mad woman until the magic moment when I could officially "add to bag."

I fought through my exhaustion and did this for two hours until something magical happened: I was able to add two red lipsticks to my cart — "Como La Flor" and "Dreaming of You" — and went to checkout.

I wasn't taking any chances when it came to the top two items on my list.

While that was happening, I had my sister on a laptop starting another order, since I needed to get the full collection for work purposes, and that's when it all went downhill.

The collection wasn't actually live yet, but after combing through the Instagram comments of makeup-stalking accounts, the lipsticks went live early thanks to a glitch — but they quickly shut it down.

So back to refreshing I went.

There were times when I went to click "add to bag" but the site either wouldn't register my clicks, or I would get a ridiculous error message telling me I couldn't have more than four of each item... when my cart was completely empty.

I was sure that the site was broken, but as the end of the morning neared on the east coast, not a word was heard from MAC on social media to confirm my theory.

My anxiety was at peak levels.

I knew their Twitter mentions had to be in shambles, and a quick search of the #MACSelena hashtag proved it.

This roundup says it all.

Finally, after 1:00 p.m., the company acknowledged the technical difficulties we already knew had been happening.

It was a little too late for some, but I was happy that MAC at least acknowledged there was a problem publicly and were working on a fix.

A half hour later, the company announced that the collection would be available at 2:00 p.m. and I immediately set an alarm for 1:59 p.m. in case I decided to blink.

If you think I ever stopped refreshing, think again; I was ON IT until 1:59, when the collection finally went live again.

I felt vindicated as I added product after product to my cart, signed into my account, and entered my payment information.

Besides the "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" lip gloss, my collection would be complete — but as luck would have it, MAC played me once again.

The site broke down and I could not get my payment information to go through for the life of me.

I had been seeing people post that they successfully placed their orders all day on social media, and as time went on and I still couldn't get through, I began to feel more and more hopeless.

My heart wrenched as I tried OVER AND OVER AGAIN and failed.

I was so tired and told myself that 4:00 p.m. was my limit. I was throwing in the towel after that.

When the time came, the site still refused to get past me entering my credit card information, and all but two things in my cart were sold out.

Ten hours into trying to shop, and I was officially OVER IT!

I was upset that the makeup gods had forsaken me and that there wasn't enough #MACSelena to go around for every fan.

But I had to remind myself that I still got my hands on some of the collection, which is more than a lot of people could say.

Gratitude is key.

After all was said and done, MAC heard our cries and promised to restock the collection so we could live to go through the same heartache another day.

But that won't be me. I'm going on my merry way with the items I did manage to score. Anything for Selenas... except for my sanity.