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As a Latina with honey-brown skin, finding a nude lipstick that actually complements my skin tone is like finding a unicorn IRL. It practically doesn’t exist. They’re either too light (completely washing out my complexion) or too dark for my naturally pink lips. I gave up the search a few years ago and now only opt for bright colors like fuchsias, corals, peachy-oranges, and ruby reds that make my brown skin look bright and beautiful. So when I heard a fellow brown girl by the name of Florence Adepoju created a nude lipstick specifically for women of color, I freaked the hell out.

A nude lipstick just for me? This is hands down the BEST beauty news I’ve heard in months. Not finding a nude lip color that actually flatters your skin is probably something every girl with olive skin or darker can relate to. 

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You see, Adepoju, a 25-year-old with an applied chemistry degree in cosmetics, couldn’t find a nude lipstick that worked with her skin tone either. So she launched her own lipstick line called MDMFlow and made sure to include a nude lipstick in the collection that specifically works for WOC. 

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@mdmflow, a new beauty brand, created the perfect nude lipstick for women of color. Oh, and their CEO is 25 ????.

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Oh, and just a head's up, this photo does the color absolutely no justice. According to both New York mag and Nasty Gal (which currently carries the lipstick), the New Nude shade is a lot more coffee-colored than it appears in the picture. Think café con leche. I’ll take a lifetime supply of these, thank you very much!