Hung Vanngo is Selena Gomez's go-to makeup artist for special events for a reason. He's living proof not all superheroes wear capes by going above and beyond to make sure his client slays all day.


Look at what he cooked up for her in just 15 minutes so she could go see her man, The Weeknd, in concert. Get into those wings!


We need another moment for his cat eye skills.

Is it just me or it is so hard to do eye liner when you drink coffee? ???????? #tbt

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Gomez is #BLESSED.


Vanngo prioritizes making sure Gomez's makeup has a flawless finish over a perfect selfie like a true friend would.

When the makeup artist asks for a selfie but then won't get out of the way ???? #NationalSelfieDay

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Can a makeup artist get a promotion? If so, Vanngo deserves one for this fire smoky eye...


... having a hand in one of the most liked Instagram photos of all time...


... and for knowing when less is more.


How does he do it?!


Any makeup artist who can make something as tricky as pink eye shadow look good is a keeper.


That highlight tho!


So killer!


And he can make her look flawless in red lighting?! If we were Gomez, we would hold on tight and never let go.