I totally lost my mind when MAC Cosmetics released the first image of the new Selena Quintanilla–inspired red lipstick, "Como La Flor" (it'll be available in October). A bold red lip was a staple in Quintanilla's beauty routine and her choice to wear such a striking color on her full lips gave me the confidence to do the same. And according to her husband, Chris Perez, the MAC shade is an exact match to the color she wore. So, personally, getting my hands on one of these lipsticks is kind of a big deal.

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But I wondered: What was Quintanilla's actual favorite lipstick? I consulted Google and I found post after post from fan sites and beauty bloggers saying that Chanel's Brick lipstick was the singer's favorite shade. But where was the evidence? 

I didn't find a quote from anyone in Quintanilla's camp in the articles to corroborate the Chanel Brick claims but upon further investigation, I found an excerpt from a profile on Jennifer Lopez in a People Magazine article from 1997 that could be the key to unlocking the mystery:

"And this year the 5'6" actress showed off her dash on movie screens, donning plenty of sequins and spandex — and a healthy application of Chanel Brick Red lipstick — for her smoldering turn as Selena, the star-crossed Tejano music singer," the article says.
photo: Giphy

If Jennifer Lopez had to wear the Chanel lipstick for her role in Selena, this theory certainly has legs. But if you were thinking of getting your hands on a tube of the lipstick the icon allegedly wore, there's just one problem: It has been discontinued! 

However, all is not lost. Just when I was considering launching a petition to bring the lipstick back, I found out that I may not need to. Evelyn Lugo from the blog Ev Curl Gurl claims to have found the perfect dupe:

Lugo, who still has two Chanel palettes with the Brick lip color in her possession, found out that a lip color from the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick line (with the same name, no less) is an exact match! The proof is in the swatch of Chanel Brick on her top lip and the swatch of Elizabeth Arden Brick on her bottom lip that look identical (bottom left corner).

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I was so excited that there was a dupe out there that I immediately ran to a department store, picked up a tube, and tried it on.

Selena Quintanilla favorite red lipstick dupe
photo: Marissa Pina, Vivala

If you live for a hydrating lipstick you are going to love this. The formula is incredibly creamy, highly pigmented, and the finish has a slight sheen that makes your lips look fuller (and here I thought that Quintanilla's favorite red would have had a matte finish). This Elizabeth Arden option will certainly tide anyone on the hunt for the perfect Quintanilla-inspired red over until MAC Cosmetics releases their #MACSelena collection in October 2016.

What do you think of the Elizabeth Arden dupe? Where did you first hear of Chanel Brick being Quintanilla's favorite lipstick? Let us know in the comments.