Selena Quintanilla's #MACSelena collection may be long gone, but there's still a way to keep a part of her in your makeup collection. Latina-run beauty brand Vive Cosmetics has come all the way through with a new addition to its line-up of ¡Qué Matte! Enduring Liquid Lipsticks and it'll remind you of the Queen of Tejano every time you put it on. 

And to no one's surprise, it keeps selling out!

The lip color, which was perfectly named Selena Forever, looks just like the singer's iconic purple jumpsuit. It totally screams Quintanilla.

¡Qué Matte! Enduring Liquid Lipsticks in Selena Forever ($18,

"We specifically called it Selena Forever because that image of her in that iconic outfit has been and will always be in our minds when we think of her. Plus, Selena's favorite color is purple so it was just right," Vive Cosmetics founders Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia told Vivala.

The purple color, which was released alongside a fiery pink called "Chingona" in July, was developed before the name. That came when they made the visual connection to the star.

That swatch tho!

The Latinas are huge Quintanilla fans, and the singer has been an incredibly meaningful figure in their lives.

"Selena, for us, represents identity. In many ways Selena is us — with her story, family, color of skin, language," the duo told Vivala.

"She was this iconic, beautiful, brown Latina breaking barriers in many ways and many of us aspire to that and find her easy to relate to."

We couldn't agree more! And luckily, the beautiful color will not only work on a multitude of skin tones...

So fierce!

... it will also be part of the brand's permanent lineup of liquid lipsticks!

You can use it without fear of running out and being unable to replace it.

Selena Forever will be back in stock on next week. You can watch its Instagram for updates.