Selena Quintanilla was a legend in every aspect.

Even though the Tejana made a name for herself with her incredible music, she inspired people in other ways too. She motivated people to experiment with their own style, her dancing influenced her fans to get up and move, and she was truly a trendsetter — especially when it came to her makeup. 

Although she had her signature go-to makeup looks (hello, brick red lips) that didn't stop her from taking risks. Here are eight looks that will inspire to to change up your makeup routine, and maybe even splurge on her upcoming MAC collection. 


Classic red lip and a winged eye:

selena quintanilla makeup looks
photo: Getty
When you see the words "Selena Quintanilla" and "makeup" in the same sentence you automatically think of her classic red pout. It's a timeless look (clearly) and works for every skin tone. Of course it made sense that she went with such a simple, yet stunning look at the 1994 Grammy Awards.


Nude matte lip:

Even though neutral matte lip shades are having their moment right now, Selena was ahead of the hype and knew how to rock the "no makeup'" makeup look WAY before the rest of the world.

She looks fresh-faced with minimal mascara, really playing up her lips and great skin.


Queen of the contour:

Look. at. those. cheekbones.

It's clear that Selena was slaying the contour game well before it was the phenomenon that it is today. She created dimension and added an overall warmth to her face to compliment her well-loved crimson lips.


Glossy lips and a smoky eye:

She wasn't afraid to do double duty with a dramatic lips and eyes. 

While most people tend to opt for a subdued lip color when rocking dark, smoky eyeshadow, the singer chose a brown-toned crimson lipstick with a glossy finish. 


Dark and vampy:

Her wine colored lips are all the inspiration you need for this fall. 


Peachy pink:

The soft blush and pale pink lips look so perfect on her skin you would almost think it's photoshop. She kept it nice and light but added a hint of edge with a smoked out bottom liner.


Brown is the warmest color:

Selena really looked like a goddess in any color, but especially so in brown tones. 

She knew how to keep all of her cosmetics in the same color family with different undertones that worked with her complexion.


Natural glowy highlight:

It could be her natural glow from within, but this Latina knew exactly where to apply a little more glimmer right where the sun would naturally shine on a face.



Main image: Tumblr/yesmarieisabell