Forget about shelling out hundreds of dollars for cooperative brows — YouTube star Desi Perkins has discovered a ridiculously cheap eyebrow hack that's so amazing, you're going to forget brow gel exists.

The trick? Soap. That's right: regular, every day bar soap.

Desi forgot her brow gel on a recent trip, so she tested this Old Hollywood hack — and she's never going back.

According to Perkins, soap "tames your eyebrows exactly how you want the hairs to go," and keeps them in place all day.

This is perfect for making the most out of their natural length, as well as creating the illusion of fuller brows.

Here's how it works: Perkins recommends using a clear bar of soap, since white ones can leave residue.

The Clearly Natural Pure Glycerin Soap she used is a total steal at less than $2 a bar.

Spray a clean spoolie brush with water — or setting spray, if you're fancy — until it's damp.

The brush shouldn't be dripping; you just want a little moisture.

Now, "graze" the wet spoolie against the soap, working the product into the hairs of the brush.

Less is more here. Remember, you can always add more soap!

Once your spoolie is loaded up, brush your brows in the direction you'd like them to stay.

Perkins brushed them up for a high-fashion look, but DO YOU. There's no one right way to style your eyebrows!

Wait a few seconds for the soap to dry, then pencil your brows in as normal.

The soap keeps your hairs in place, and creates a little texture on your skin — that way, your brow pencil will look SUPER natural.

The results are literal perfection.

You can't even tell that her brows are naturally sparse! It's remarkable!

Watch all of the brow magic go down from start to finish below:

It will change your life.