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Makeup application should be considered an Olympic sport.

The amount of practice, concentration, and skill it takes to nail a cut crease or perfect your brow shape is next level. You spend hours of your free time looking up YouTube tutorials, Instagram pics for inspiration, and shopping for the latest collection your fave makeup brand is dropping. 

Pros and novices alike can agree that the feeling of scoring an 11/10 throughout the process of putting on your glam is unparalleled. So of course it's only fair that we share the true, confident thoughts we have when our face is on point (because we're magical artists, naturally).


"And the award for best makeup application goes to...ME"

Let's face it, you deserve a gold star for how amazingly well you blended out that shadow.


"I hope I run into my ex today."

You can't let a good makeup day go to waste.


"So when is J.Lo going to call me to do her makeup?"

No, but really, should I send her a photo of my face to show her the magic I can do?


"If my contour and highlight is flawless, so is my life!"

Words to live by.


*Embraces the spirit of Nicki Minaj* "I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself..."


"I should play the lotto today."

There HAS to be luck on your side with how effortless everything turned out to be. 


"I never want to take this off."



"I should probably start my own YouTube channel."

Iif I learned all of these killer tips and tricks from YouTubers, I should really pay it forward.


"I need to take a selfie."

It would be rude not to show the world how great I look.


"Why can't it always look like this?"

I promise you I do my makeup the same way every single time, so why doesn't it always look this great. 


"Yaaasss kween!"