photo: Daniela Vesco, Vivala
Besides the holidays, summer is the season in which most of us plan a getaway. A recent beauty survey [conducted by Kelton and the makers of Invisalign] found that 57 percent of women believe it is more important to feel confident in the summer than in any other season. No one wants to show up for dinner with smeared eyeliner, melting makeup, or cracked lips. This is the season to relax and have fun and not have to worry about makeup issues. 

To save you from any beauty disasters while home or away we spoke with makeup artist and author of #beautiful (available August 15th in English and Spanish) Luis Casco, and makeup artist and owner of mobile beauty service Make Me Blush, Juliana Rodriguez, to get the scoop on how to conquer any climate.

Tropical/Humid Climate

tropical beauty
photo: Daniela Vesco, Vivala

  • Opt for a powder blush on the apples cheeks and add a bronzer on the areas of your face that are normally hit by the sun first. Casco likes the NARS Tahiti Bronzing Powder in Laguna for it’s subtle glow that leaves your skin looking radiant.

Cold Climate

winter beauty
photo: Daniela Vesco

If you are traveling to the southern hemisphere where it’s winter, then moisturizing is essential.

  • Cream foundations are usually less drying and with NARS Cream Compact Foundation you only need a few dabs to get for great coverage.
  • Casco suggests using “an iridescent light shade in the inner corners of the eyes to brighten them up and avoid pink shades that might make your eyes look red or tired” and two coats of Too Faced Better than Sex mascara.

Dry Desert Climate

photo: Daniela Vesco, Vivala

  • To create a flushed look apply a cream blush that is lightweight and blends easily.“I am loving theBecca cosmetics cream blushes, they’re  gorgeous and multicolored so you get a dimensional glow.”
  • Blend a smudge-proof cream shadow like Benefit Creaseless shadow for a natural hint of shimmer in Oyster Pink. Cream shadows won’t dry your lids in a dry climate the way powder will.
  • Casco advises on keeping lips hydrated with Mary Kay Satin Lips Set which includes both a gentle exfoliator and a lip balm.