Last night, the Miami Marlins played their first game since their pitcher José Fernández died in a boating accident on Sunday, September 25.

The Marlins and their fans could not contain their emotions as they beautifully honored the 24-year-old all star before, during, and after the game.

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The Marlins began with a pregame tribute to Fernández, which brought everyone to tears.

"We are here filled with pain and sorrow, to remember a man that meant so much to so many people,"  the game's announcer said in Spanish. "He will remain in our hearts forever."

The team also played a tribute video to Fernández set to a somber rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

The pitching mound bore the number 16, the late pitcher's jersey number.

Forever in our hearts. ❤️ #JDF16

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Every Marlins player wore a jersey that bared Fernández's name and number.

The Marlins will also be retiring Fernández's number. It is the first number the team's retired outside of 42, which has been retired by every major league team in honor of Jackie Robinson, according to Sports Illustrated.

The tears continued when Dee Gordon, the Marlins second baseman, hit a homerun in honor of his fallen teammate

"I ain't never hit a ball that far, even in batting practice," Gordon told USA Today. "I told the boys, 'If you all don't believe in God, you better start.' For that to happen today, we had some help."

Gordon also told USA Today that he tried to imitate Fernández's batting stance.

"I just hope he's happy," Gordon said to USA Today. "I hope he's good because we love him so much."

Gordon's stellar performance left him in shock.

"I don't have kids, so hitting a HR for José Fernández is the best moment of my life," he said.

At the end of the game, which they won 7-3, the Marlins gathered for a group hug around the mound.

Chills. #JDF16

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It's a palpable moment for his grieving teammates, many of whom expressed their emotions on Twitter.

Everyone in the stands chanted "José! José!" in honor of the rising pitcher.

Marlins coach Don Mattingly said in a press conference that the team honored Fernández with this game — as it should be.

At the end of the game, Mattingly kissed the dirt mound. " It was saying bye," Mattingly told reporters at a press conference. "It was his spot. It was just his spot."

We're sure the tributes will continue to pour in as the Marlins play another game against the New York Mets tonight.