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Miami police union president, Javier Ortiz, said he wants police departments all over the country to boycott Beyoncé's new Formation tour starting with her kickoff show date on April 27 in the very city that he represents. 

Ortiz's union, the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, represents 1,100 officers, however, in his statement he is pleading with law enforcement labor organizations throughout the U.S. to boycott her tour because Beyoncé's message is "anti-police."

"The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her antipolice message shows how she does not support law enforcement."

Interestingly enough Ortiz didn't even watch the halftime show "out of respect for our profession," though he did "mistakenly watch her "Formation” video that shows scenes of a young black boy dancing in front of police in riot gear, who signal their surrender by putting their hands up, referencing the 'Hands up, don't shoot' anthem of the Black Lives Matter movement inspired by the 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri."

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We couldn't help but wonder how Ortiz was already boycotting Beyoncé's halftime show without having prior knowledge about the "controversial" performance or that the dancers would be featured in Black Panther–inspired costumes. It sounds like he was already intent on boycotting the entertainer after "accidentally" watching the video. 

In any case, there were strong reactions on the Internet over this bizarre boycott request. Here are some below. 

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