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E-counselling or e-therapy can be an easy way for some to treat mental health with, thanks to technology. In a world where finding "me time" gets more difficult every day, giving your brain a break is put off because of other responsibilities. With the use of smartphones, tablets, or computers, users can simply downoad an app and take some time to address their mental health.

When times change, our needs change, and there are a good amount of apps that are becoming the new wave of resources for self-help and wellness. These may not be a replacement for therapy, but they definitely aid in the journey of discovery and overall wellness. Here are five that are on our radar right now.

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1. Pacifica is an app that helps manage anxiety and stress for people of all ages. Using the approach that relief from anxiety should be available on a day-to-day basis, the founders at Pacifica used both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness to create an app that gives the user tools and exercises to relive stress and anxiety throughout the day. The app recently got a makeover, and Pacifica 2.0 is now ready to download with new features, including daily challenges to correspond with a user’s needs and even a mood tracker. Price: Free/Premium $3.99 a month

2. Spire is a fitness tracker that you discreetly clip on. It tracks your daily activity and exercise, but does something that no other fitness tracker does – it tells you when to take deep breaths when you are tense, and notifies you if your breathing becomes shallow, combining health and mindfulness. You are prompted by the tracker’s screen to do a breathing exercises when necessary, showing that mindful breathing greatly improves both physical and mental health. Price: $150

3. Talkspace debuted in 2014, providing a text-based therapy system where users find a payment plan that fits with their budget, and interact licensed therapist via text in real time. It’s an on-demand app that pairs you with the appropriate therapist for the issues you identify when signing up, and insures anonymity when you are connected in a secure chat with your therapist. Price: payment plan options vary.

4. Everbliss takes things beyond texting — with this service, you can chat face-to-face with a licensed therapist or coach. After answering a short questionnaire, you easily book a session with a therapist or can see one on-demand. Early access is available on their website and your first session is free. Price: sessions start at $25 per session 

5. The Daily Teachings is focused on the The Secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne. Though this is a self-improvement app, it gives inspirational quotes and lessons based off of the book that primarily focuses on the Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction. It is definitely a must-have app if you feel discouraged at any point and need some encouraging words. Price: $4.99

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