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photo: Corbis

I’ve seen an increase in astrology posts across my social feeds, where people dissect planetary degrees and attribute their moods to it. The same people have talked about energy crystals, organic ways to detox your body, and aligning your chakras. Even I started to look into ways to connect with universal energy and using natural oils to soothe my anxious ways. Mainstream awareness of this Zen lifestyle is partially due to celebrities like Leona Lewis and Kylie Jenner visiting stores like Crystalarium or Jessica Alba sharing her favorite green drink recipe.

There’s something to be said about the increase of health and spirituality that people are tuning into. The interest in this mystic movement could be seen as a trend as well as a niche cultural shift that people aren’t afraid to be a part of. Either way, brands are taking note and applying it to all things beauty. From your local boutiques to corporate chains like Urban Outfitters, organically charged products are lining up the shelves. If authentic spiritual beauty products are not your cup of tea, you can still dip your feet into a smaller pool of natural products with energizing properties. While some products may be more gimmicky than others, we’re loving the options that are out there. From bath salts to body oils, we’ve got our eyes on these eight products.

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