Plus-size model Denise Bidot is the founder of an empowering movement called "There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman" — but how can you create a movement like that without staring your own body insecurities right in the face?

But Bidot courageously did just that — in a very public fashion all over social media.

The plus-size Latina model, who has modeled for Forever21 and has hit the New York Fashion Week runway, shared a gorgeous collage of unretouched photos on Monday with a very important message about self-love.

"I used to be so critical of myself and I overthought everything, including my posts lol... But I realized that unless I learn to love and accept myself, nobody will ever know or love the real me. So here I am, no Photoshop, and no fucks given... Never let anyone tell you that you aren't enough. I'm perfectly imperfect and that's OK," she wrote.

Accepting who you are is so freeing and her followers were here for it, but Bidot didn't stop there.

She took things up a notch by getting real about the two "flaws" that she struggled with before throwing caution to the wind.

Wearing shorts and showing off her stomach were two things that were off the table for years.

She avoided shorts ("mainly because I have no 'thigh gap' and I never will, so f-it! Lol") and showing her belly "because, well, I have some stretch marks and some baby weight I might still need to lose (eight years later)," she wrote.

"I refuse to be mean to myself and I refuse to hide what society has labeled as flaws any longer."

"I am a work in progress, constantly learning/growing as a woman and I am going to enjoy every moment of my journey regardless of if my thighs touch."


The comments underneath her post showed an outpouring of love and support for the very thing she had been hiding from.

Now that is how you move into living your best life while inspiring thousands upon thousands of followers.