There are only two days left until Disney releases the much-anticipated "Beauty and the Beast" remake. It seems fitting then that we're getting a little taste of what's to come from a mariachi band.

Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime CuƩllar beautifully recreated the classic "Tale As Old As Time" song.

The California-based band's video features a man in a mariachi outfit, complete with a sombrero, and a young woman wearing a traditional Mexican dress.

Of course, it's in Belle's trademark golden yellow color.

The two greet each other on a large staircase, similar to the one in the original animated movie.

As they walk together onto the dance floor, the man tosses his sombrero aside and the mariachi begins playing full force. 

The couple is graceful, but look at each other the entire time.

The lady swings her dress while the man spins and carries her. The dance has a traditional quinceaƱera vibe to it. 

It's fair to say that this mariachi version outdoes the original.

Watch the mesmerizing dance below: