photo: Bomba Estéreo

Colombia’s party band Bomba Estéreo has been described as electronic meets tropical with a hardcore touch of cumbia but with their new album “Amanecer” they debut their softer side. Frontwoman Lilian “Li” Saumet says it's a more commercial version of their music, it just happens to also showcase their most profound sound and lyrics yet.

“Each album has been a reflection of our process as a band but this album is a culmination of all that growth. It’s so focused on spirituality, love, and new phases of our lives because we as a people are always striving to live, sleep, and even eat better,” says Saumet. More importantly, she helps women walk away from this album realizing the power have within them.

“I truly believe that all women have this innate power to create. Not only to create life, like children, but to create emotion. So the sooner we start to own that, the sooner we can begin to own who we are no matter what,” she added.

The former four-person group is now a duo. Led by multi-instrumentalist Simón Mejía, Bomba Estéreo, which quite literally translates to “stereo bomb,” refers to a popular Colombian phrase for a slamming all-night rager. But the voice and soul behind the music is Saumet, who also writes the lyrics. In the past, their the band’s lyrics tackled social and political issues or provided us with cumbia-esque party anthems like “Fiesta.” Most of Amanecer feels like a mellow, electronic album and is filled with lyrics about inner growth and love like, “Mar (Lo Siento)”, “and “Algo Está Cambiando,” which is Saumet’s favorite track on the album right now.

“At the very beginning and end of “Algo Está Cambiando” you will hear Tibetan singing bells because we wanted to offer our fans a moment of meditation,” says Saumet. The sounds are supposed to invoke a deep state of relaxation in order to reach enlightenment.

As she put it, if they can contribute to more positivity, help someone look within to become a better version of themselves or simply motivate someone to make a more genuine connection, then they’ve made it. As Saumet said, open your mind to a new Amanecer in yourself and the rest of the world will follow.

Bomba Estéreo are on tour right now with upcoming stops in California, Mexico, and Texas.