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Bomba Estéreo is one of the dopest bands to come out of Colombia. In fact, they’re so dope they inspired Will Smith to make his comeback to music just to collaborate with them. 

“He listened to the song, liked the band, and went and searched for Bomba Estéreo,” band member Simón Mejía said. “He called the label and told them, ‘I love this song and I want to sing in that song and I want to come back to music with this song.’”

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And just like that, one of the highest-paid actors in the United States returned to his roots rapping alongside a Colombian band in the Latin Grammy–nominated “Fiesta." 

The high-energy dance song was the first track off the new album Amanecer, which garnered a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album, followed by the infectious love song “Somos Dos.”

When Smith added to the single, it reached new heights, and now he’ll team up with Bomba Estéreo for a performance at the Latin Grammy Awards that’s not to be missed.    

Mejía said fans and viewers can expect to see a huge party. 

"We want to bring the concept of the song and all the good vibes, energy, and dancing to the stage and share that with Will and with the audience.”

For some lucky fans, they’ll get to experience just a bit more as Bomba Estéreo has teamed up with Verizon for the Entre La Música campaign.

“We’re going to bring a new experience to the fans with a whole behind-the-scenes experience,” Mejía explains. “This is our way to get closer to the fans and make an embracing experience between the band, awards, and ceremony." 

photo: Courtesy of Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estereo’s sound is based on the music they’ve had around them their entire lives, which is largely why they are so popular with a global audience.

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“In Colombia, we are influenced by the African, indigenous, cumbia, and folk music,” he says. “We listen to all of that, blend it, and it just comes out naturally.”

That has been the recipe for Bomba Estéreo’s worldwide success. Now they can’t help but reflect on the early days in their career before taking the stage at the Latin Grammys Thursday in Las Vegas.

“At the beginning it was only Colombians, but then it was Colombian girls with their North American boyfriends. The boyfriends told their friends. . . . Now you go to a Bomba Estéreo show here, in L.A., New York, or Miami and you see the Colombians, but also English-speaking people. It's amazing because you see that blend of cultures happening in the States and around the world.”

For Mejía, that’s exactly what the world should be about.

“I like the idea of the world not being separated but mixed,” he says. “Cultures and races are blending, and that’s a really beautiful thing.”