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The long-awaited day has arrived. You get up early, put on your best faux fur, and rush out the door to make sure you're in the office with plenty of time to . . .


You were prepared, you set alarms, made sure you had enough money in your bank account (sorry fam, no Christmas gifts this year, gotta make sure I see Adele live). Yet nothing could prepare you for the cold, harsh reality of the Ticketmaster line

This is how the soul-crushing experience went down for fans of the no-nonsense, tear-jerking star everywhere.


1. That calming sensation of control while you set up your ticket-buying headquarters

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Multiple screens? Check. Credit card? Check. Noise-canceling headphones? Check. Double shot espresso? Check. You got this.

2. The adrenaline rush as the timer counts down

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This is happening, you're the master. You're set, there is no way you're not getting tickets.

3. The crushing moment of realization that Ticketmaster is making you wait 45 minutes

What? How were they not ready for this? Get your sh#* together, Ticketmaster.

4. Denial starts kicking in

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They're just SAYING 45 minutes, but it's not ACTUALLY going to be 45 minutes. This will go by much faster, I will have my tickets really soon.

5. Raging fury after waiting for an hour for the site to then say there are no more tickets

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WTF?! What is this BS?! You were supposed to be on our side!


6. Frantically group-texting all your friends to see what their status is

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A couple gave up 30 minutes ago. One is still waiting to see if Montreal is an option, the other one had all the cities open and her computer crashed . . . so she's starting over.

7. Desperation slowly leads you to consider the impossible

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I mean, if I give up my apartment and live in the office and eat only ramen I could maybe afford the $2,000 resell price. This is a thing people do, right?

8. That heartbreaking moment you realize this might not happen and start pleading

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But I worked so hard for this. I was so ready! Please Adele, Overlords, I'll do anything. 


9. Then your coworker starts yelling that she got tickets

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Excuse me? Oh, hell no. I'm gonna have to take a sick day. 


10. Then a message on your phone: Your friend got you tickets

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Sure, it's in Austin and it's almost a year away, but I'm going to see Adele!

11. Complete satisfaction, perfect day

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I mean, I've always wanted to go to Texas . . . I think.