When rumors started swirling that Cardi B and Bruno Mars were collaborating, the internet could hardly handle the anticipation. Last night was the big reveal, and even Bruno himself couldn't wait until midnight to officially release the "Finesse" music video.

If the song has proven anything (besides the fact that the '90s are back for good), it's that Twitter is bowing down to Cardi and Bruno for their collab.

When Gabby Sidibe talks, you listen.

No wonder it already has more than 2M views.

10/10 yes.

It was bound to be perfect.

It's so good it calls for legal action.

Fans don't even care that the song is a remix from Mars' 2016 album.

We're only four days in, but still...

Honestly, how could you even sit still while watching?

Ain't this the truth.

Let's not waste time here...

Mood for the next 12 months.

Just had to change our resolution for the year.


Not dramatic at all.

So. Damn. Powerful.