Cardi B is on a roll. The stripper turned Instagram star turned reality TV gold turned rapper made history by climbing all the way to the top of the charts with her song "Bodak Yellow" this year. She then gave her Latinx fans more life with a Spanish remix featuring Messiah and spit fire in a verse for G-Eazy's "No Limit." 

But the Dominican and Trinidadian star may have just tested the limits of what she can get away with in a new record that is making Selena Quintanilla fans check their hearing.

The track is called "Motor Sport." It's the first single off Migos' upcoming "Culture II" album, and it got the internet SHOOK because they got both Cardi and Nicki Minaj on the song.

This is huge, since so many fans have been pitting both women against each other ever since Cardi's music started gaining traction. 

The unexpected collaboration was enough to set the internet off, but it was Cardi's verse where she compared herself to Quintanilla that truly sent fans over the edge.

cardi b
photo: Splash

"Let me wrap my weave up/ I'm the trap Selena," Cardi said, and Twitter took it from there.

cardi b
photo: Splash, Tumblr

Besides the obvious shock induced over such a bold statement, the reactions were all over the place.

Some fans were totally on board with the Quintanilla reference.

And while some considered it par for the course in hip-hop...

... others gave it a HARD PASS.

Cardi calling herself the "trap Selena" was controversial, to say the least, and hardcore Quintanilla fans don't let anything slide.

cardi b
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You can listen to Migos' "Motor Sport" below.

Did Cardi overstep her boundaries with her Quintanilla line or are you cool with it? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.